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Give the gift of sharing

Updated: Jan 1

We all should be wise with our spending. Being wise with our sharing might not be a bad idea either. So, lets share!

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Sharing Saves Money and Makes Better People

When I was younger I actually liked sharing. The toys and games my two older brothers and I played with together also created the best memories.


     When toys or games are better with two or more people...

Maybe we really should have listened to our parents when they said to share. Were they molding us not to be selfish people but possibly happier too? Thinking of all the great times we had to share a ball to play sport, a game console during multiplayer, or a favorite board game all involved human interaction. These experiences are meant to be shared and bring us together.

Board game ( King Toe Chess )

Sharing saves the money in our pockets!

Its no surprise people are thinking more about where their money is going these days with the cost of living. Will it go up or down this year? Maybe sharing can help with that. We still have special events, birthdays, and holidays every year which involve a gift. Why not let it be a gift that has to be shared, like when we were kids?

A invitation for all to participate

  • Instead of spending $20-$40 per person just spend $30-$50 on one gift designed to only work or be played by more than one person.

  • With it being inclusive, friends and family will bring their own emotional investment.

Its just not as fun without you!

Try playing a game of basketball by yourself. Sure with some imagination it can be done but would it last long? Its not just having another person to be your opponent in a game either. In a game that involves two or more, everyone playing has some interest in the others enjoyment. If not then the game ends.

Please leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts about sharing.


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