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Why you might wish you had an iPhone XR in 2019

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

One of the top reasons people switch to iPhone is the quality of the apps. Starting this year that could get even better.

App Developers Benefit Greatly

Just follow me if you will. Anyone can research online and see more is paid to Apple app developers compared to Google or Microsoft.

Ex: How Much Do Average Apps Make? from Forbes by Contributor Tristan Louis.

This is why when it comes to Apple there are more apps, more developers, and the quality of these apps are higher thanks to the tight qualification standards to be on the App Store. It is in Apple's interest to keep it that way and take care of those developers. So if you own a Apple product or thinking about it then expect to benefit greatly in the near future.

What benefits developers benefits you!

Developers put in a lot of time, money and energy in creating apps that so many people love. They deserve the best chance to benefit. Apple has helped by introducing SearchAds in 2016, giving all developers the opportunity to be seen on a equal playing field. More apps and the quality of those apps goes up which is better for the consumer. Wait, could we expect more from Apple in the near future when it comes to helping developers? This is purely speculation but here are 2 things I see Apple may offer in 2019:

Apps that become EXCLUSIVE

on the App Store

  • To be featured on the App Store for 1 Month out of the year

  • 5% increase on percentage share to developers. Instead of Apple's 30% cut it would now drop to 25%.

Why would Apple want to do this?

A flood of developers would leave the competition allowing the competitors app quality to drop. Developers would become loyal to Apple and they will be rewarded as long as their apps are exclusive on the App Store. The uniqueness and quality of apps would be incomparable with iPhone and the consumer WINS!

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think Apple might do in 2019


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