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You can win the battle, but can you win the war?

Welcome to King Toe. A new way to play tic tac toe that challenges the mind to think outside the box. As King X or King O, the player can win a box known as a CELL but must win the board with three cells in a row. Players should be careful though because this time a CELL can be erased and replayed if a CATS occurs giving you or your opponent the advantange. The game also includes King Toe Checkers and King Toe Chess.


* Great for road trips                      

* Family fun

* One on one time

* Useful for school lessons

* Engage in expansive thinking 

* Activate brain for innovative problem solving and thinking

outside the box

King Toe Dry Erase 3 in 1 Strategy Board Game

  • 12 x 12  bi-fold dry erase board game with 2 dry erase markers. Instruction booklet for all three games. King Toe, King Toe Checkers and King Toe Chess. Includes mini checkers pieces and mini chess pieces. 

    Taunt Cards now included as of September 2023. Anyone who has purchased the game prior to the date may contact by email to have them mailed for free.

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