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King Toe Games is happy to announce as of 2/9/2024 the King Toe app has been updated for Apple's newest devices. "King Toe" is now available on the App Store and free to download for iPhone / iPad. Special thanks to ZCO Corporation for their exceptional service and hard work. Fans of the King Toe board game or individuals interested in finding out what all the buzz is about are encouraged to download the original King Toe game today. King Toe Games works hard to provide products that teach others to think outside the box. Your support is greatly appreciated. To enhance the multiplayer experience please consider the In-App purchases, "Taunts" and "Remove Ads" for only .99 cents each which can be found by taping "Store" on the "Main Menu".  This will fund future updates and games like King Toe Checkers and King Toe Chess to be developed. Thank you!


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